About Spinning Reel Guide

We would like to welcome you and thank you for visiting our site Spinning Reel Guide. We aim to be the number one resource about spinning reels, plus provide valuable information about fishing in general to our readers.

Fishing is a hobby that can be enjoyed by everyone. It doesn't matter if you are young and old; whether you are a boy or girl, man or woman. It can be relaxing whilst you sit beside a quiet lake or invigorating as you fight to reel in a big fish on the open water.

It can also be considered an essential life skill and helps teach children the importance of where food comes from. It could even be valuable in helping you to survive in a tricky situation where you need to source your own food if you are stuck out in the wilderness unexpectedly.

We hope to pass on our knowledge and experience to everyone, whether it is to beginners by providing how-to guides to help them get started, or whether it is to a long time fisherman who is trying to decide on the next piece of gear to add to their ever growing collection.

If we help one person to feel confident in choosing their new spinning reel and rod, or just to have a more pleasurable fishing trip next time they venture out, then we feel we have achieved our mission.

The worst day fishing is better then the best day at work!


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