How to correctly cast a bait casting reel

Depress thumb bar while keeping the tip of the thumb on the spool to control the lure. Hold the rod and reel so that that handle is pointing upward.

Holding the rod and reel in front of the body, bring the rod backward so the tip reaches a point above and behind the shoulder. To cast, bring the rod back in front of the body in a single motion without stopping.

Release the thumb from the spool as the rod is brought forward so that the lure is launched slightly upward and outward toward your target. As the lure approaches the water surface stop the spool with your thumb. If you don’t stop the spool as the lure hits the water, the spool will continue to rotate causing a backlash (a.k.a bird’s nest).

In the event that you experience backlashes, tighten the spool tension knob ½ a turn at a time to apply more braking force until you no longer have an issue with line overrun. Also try casting with the wind – instead of against it – until you get comfortable casting without experiencing a backlash. As you get more comfortable casting, reduce the amount spool tension by rotating the spool tension knob ¼ turn at a time to maximize casting distance.

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